Project Delivery Services to ensure Business Continuity



Project Delivery Services to ensure Business Continuity

Optimizing Project Delivery - Managing Risk


Contract Management

Expediting Services

Program Management

Project Management

Integrated Design Management

Supply Chain Management

Transition (Move) Management

Optum+ provide project management and management consulting services to corporations, organisation and agencies as owner’s representatives, project delivery leaders, specialist - third-party consultants, and at all times a client advocate, trusted adviser and business partner to our clients.

We enhance client experience through every phase of the project, including Pre-Project, Project Delivery, Project Controls and Post project and integrating the activities such as feasibility, engineering, procurement, fabrication, and construction, and maintenance functions on a client project.

We are committed to make a positive impact on the world around us. Whatever maybe the assignment, we strive to collaborate with clients and their teams to achieve truly sustainable outcomes.

Your success is our success.


Cost Consultant & QS

Business Mapping & Solutions

Feasibility Studies

Investment Analysis Studies

Process Improvements

Workplace Envisioning



Understanding and achieving our client's business objective.

Determining all solutions are fit for purpose, sustainable, customizable and ingenious

Assemble the best team to offer specialist consulting and high-level technical expertise

Ensure the project technical team develop world-class solutions through evidence based design and engineering

Delivering integrated design and engineering while considering alternative delivery

Consistently delivering cost effective integrated services and solutions

As our namesake Optum+ suggests, we have set out on to enhance & innovate client experience and create value by optimizing project delivery


Business Objectives spur programs and projects

Project Intent tempered by research and industry standards

Change is constant and it needs to be managed and risk evaluated

People Process and Technology are the shiftingears of the digital economy

Design Thinking is more collaborative approach to achieve to solve a broader range of challenges

Human-centered Solutions are  sustainable and achieve a greater impact

Constructability ensures timely integration of products and timely project execution

Alternative Delivery methods such as Modularization improves the ROI of the project



Enhancing Customer Experience in project delivery one project at a time


Enhancing Customer Experience in project delivery one project at a time

Project Management Partnering vs Minding the Project

We start of by understanding your business drivers; identifying the project objectives and navigate it through the lifecycle of the project and assist you to stay competitive.

We do not just manage the project, we advise and recommend proven delivery to become an important partner in your success through a complete client project delivery experience. Letting you focus on your core business and not worry about managing the project managers.

Creating a complete client experience in an ecosystem of open collaboration between an interdependent, networked team within a sustainable value system. Avoiding the traditional system of project delivery consisting of silo of closed collaboration brought about by individual disciplines cobbled together who tend to transfer risk downstream.

Innovating the client experience by addressing client drivers; ensuring fewer interfaces for client to manage; reduced capital cost; maximize labour productivity; create efficiencies through standardization; increase constructability; improved predictability of project execution; improved predictability of project risk; reduced project timeline; improved safety & quality and lower environmental/socioeconomic impact.

While not losing sight of business processes and traditional PM tenets; tracking of schedules, milestones and systems of efficiency; professional & technical excellence; regulatory & compliance requirements.



Feasibility Assessment

Transitioning Support

Cost estimating

Implementation Delivery Modelling

Project Complexity & Risk Assessment

Project Delivery

Stakeholder Management

Change Management


Technical Design & Team Coordination

Construction Team Coordination

Regulatory Compliance Coordination

Project Controls

Budgeting & Controls

Monitoring & Control

Risk Monitoring & Control

Commissioning Support

Post Project

Acceptance and Turnover

Final Close Out

Changed Thinking to achieve a Changed Outcome

We are cognizant that a timely delivery of project to scope; quality and cost is crucial to our clients to stay competitive and we make all effort to advise and recommend proven project delivery solutions to meet it.


Collaborating to achieve truly sustainable outcomes


Collaborating to achieve truly sustainable outcomes

Enhancing Client Experience & Innovating the Project Delivery

transforming “how we engage our clients”

transforming “how we engage the team”

Navigate the intent through the life cycle of the project

Respond to the changing project context

Become a steward and a custodian of the intent of the project objective

Share in the inherent risks & in the potential rewards

Reduce layers & interfaces for client to manage

Deliver greater accountability

Partnering with clients to build deeper relationships

We enable our clients to focus on their core business and strengths.

Shape the intent of the for a clear vision of project delivery

Incubate willingness to explore new methodology & delivery outcomes

Nurture an environment for collaboration & mindshare for design thinking

Mandate greater accountability for the fulfillment of the intent

Empower technical experts to improve predictability of project execution & risk

We create a path to speed and scale to enable our client to be competitive.


We foster a collaborative effort to integrate the clients team with the project team through collaborative interaction to systematically explore the widest possible range of solutions, consistently vetting them against industry standards allowing for human centered solutions.

Throughout the project the lifecycle of the project, we leverage the synergy between teams to create opportunities for collaboration to evolve for teh team to and uncover solutions.

Optum+ is committed to make a postive impact on our clients sucess. Whatever maybe the nature of the assignments, we evolve to collaborate with the project teams to achieve truly sustainable outcomes.




Creating sustainable value results in satisfied customers



Creating sustainable value results in satisfied customers

The only true success in project delivery is in our clients’ success

At Optum+ we are customer focused we understand your business and adapt our methodology to create sustainable value.


Obtaining a  clear vision of project delivery

Customizing solid proven design/engineering and execution

Ensuring constructability right through the value chain

Providing an integrated portfolio of solutions & services

Creating an controlled & accountable ecosystem to meet outcome

Influencing by bringing our expertise and ideas to the table

Envisioning delivery systems for each construction elements &

Enabling new possibilities of delivery within those systems

Being customer focused is key to achieving success within the context of the project objectives


Resolving issue in project delivery:

Too many layer of owner construction management

Cost Influence lost after design/engineering stage

Innumerable bid cycles & multiple construction silos

Layer of subcontractors creating multiple silos

Risk/contingency premium when risk carried by contractor

Inconsistent safety & quality

Meeting Commitments:

Meeting clients business objectives

Improve project overall NPV -Net Present Value

Reduce financial cost of project delivery

Meet the ROI of the business objectives of our client firm

Shortest time to market for client product or services

It is not about pushing paper or meeting an associations process but about navigating the intent of the business objectives through the project lifecycle and delivering the project.